Best Spiral Vegetable Slicers

Need a really great review breaking down WHY one spiral slicer is better than the others?

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She talks about the 3 currently best-selling spiral slicers, her thoughts after using each one (one slicer cut her hand up terribly… don’t buy that one!)….and which one she bought and LOVES.

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Which is the BEST Spiral Vegetable Slicer? Picking a vegetable spiral slicer takes more than just looking at how easy it is to use. By definition, a spiral vegetable slicer only requires you to place the vegetable or fruit on the prong, then turn and push the handle to create slices. Picking the right spiral vegetable slicer for your food preparation needs require you to check the durability of the product.

The best heavy duty slicers produce curled julienne strips and slices like ribbons from vegetables and fruits. All you need to do is place a fruit or a vegetable on the sharp spikes of the slicer’s wheel, then turn and push it. Slicers can come with many different blades for different thickness levels and can be used for fruits as well as for vegetables.